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crane support panels, floorboards, buy load dividing plates

Hüffermann offers weight-optimised crane support panels as accessories for cranes and heavy-duty logistics.

Hüffermann is one step ahead-up to 20 weight savings achieved for crane support plates.

Increasing restrictions on heavy transport have led us to work out an individual solution.

And this can be seen: Floorboards for cranes with a weight saving of up to 20 are the result.
The crane support plates or load distribution plates are used every day as crane & heavy-duty accessories, each kilo of which counts. A 3000x2000x240 mm steel plate is made by Hüffermann with a weight saving of 20 and weighs 1600 kg.

  • Base plates with standard dimensions from 1000x1000x120 to 6000x2000x240 mm
  • Custom-made and custom-made products according to individual customer requirements according to calculations and examinations in the house are also possible
  • Congrading of support plates also for special load cases

Execution and additional options.

  • Primed and painted, Standard RAL 2002 or according to
  • Plates with folding & stacks ensure easy handling, safe transport and good storage
  • The following additional features available: anti-slip coating, attachment savings and appendage bollards
  • The crane support plates are sold in the set of 4 plates each

Sponsorship-EU label electric crane serviceThis project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund:

Development of weight-optimized XXL support plates over 300 t support load.

New development of support plates for cranes, which are optimized in terms of support load and own weight. Ensures stability and a large support area with optimal load distribution.

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